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Ready? Set… Action!

Just like an actor in a movie, when the director calls action, they begin. They usually don’t have to think of lines. They are already in character, and they have things to feed off: other actors, the setting, the costumes, choreography, etc… 

Life is not like that. We are not given a script to read beforehand. We meet people, situations, and places in real time, and have to process all that happens in those interactions. That’s where the stress starts to build. Because we don’t have the luxury of pausing, waiting for someone to call action or direct us through a scene, we have to deal with the things that stress or trigger us, while still living our lives and doing the things we need to keep doing. 

While the tarot and I are not going to play the part of director or producer in your life, as only you can do that, we will act as a supportive cast for you. In this reading, you will be given invitations from the cards that can act like action-points, lines being given, or set blocking so you can have an understanding of some actions to take going forward.

 In this 5- card spread, we will discuss actions that have worked in the past, but need an upgrade, what hasn’t worked, and what actions could be encouraged more. We will also look at how you can start to become the director, instead of the actor, and lead with the vision you have for your life with peace, harmony, balance, and more.


I recommend this tarot spread if…..

  • you have set the intentions of handling stress, but need some more support from outside of you
  • you need to call line, and come back to supportive invitations until they become habit
  • you want to be the director in handling your stress instead of the actor
  • you need a pause to reset, to try something in a new way, and have a better idea of what to do when you call action
  • you feel overwhelmed in the process of trying to handle your stress while continuing to live your life


How you will receive this spread:

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with an in-depth Welcome Package. In that email, you can either opt in for an email reading or a Zoom Call. If you opt in for an email reading, you will receive an email within 7 days of purchase with an attached folder that includes the written document of your spread cards, pictures of the cards, and a handout with prompts and resources to encourage continued growth after your reading. If you opt in for a Zoom call, you will be given access to a calendar to schedule our session. Our session will be recorded for my Confidential records, and your use to rewatch as you need. You will also receive the handout in an email after our session.

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