Goal Initiation- Setting a New Goal with a Clear Vision


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When looking to create change in life, or in specific situations, setting a goal can feel quite inspiring, even easy. The visions of grandeur, the silver-lining, all seem beautiful and possible. Once the goal is set, and the change is initiated into each day, that is often where the challenges come in. It is important to make sure that each goal, no matter how large or small, has a clear shape and image.

If you have hard time not getting ahead of yourself, see multiple different paths this goal could take, or just feel some sense of overwhelm in initiating this goal, this spread is for you. If you feel inspired and see so much beauty in the possibilities of this goal, but have a hard time meeting that energy with a grounded, committed force, this spread will help provide support, encouragement, and change.

This 3-card spread focuses on initiating a new goal by capturing and creating an image that holds both the beauty and the logic, and creating steps or action-plans to help solidify the commitment to see this work done. It will come as a detailed word document, along with pictures of your cards. You will also receive handouts to help solidify your goal, and your cards, together as an active resource.

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