Intrepid Shadow Worker


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If you are looking to fully engage the shadow- that which you have repressed, this is the spread for you. This 9-card spread is a deep dive into working with the shadow and bringing it forward to create integration, and balance. As an intrepid shadow worker, you are committing to fearlessly going deep into the uncomfortable and the dis-owned. You are going into that which has been repressed and possibly projected out into the external world.

This spread works to also center and bring balance to this work. We will use the cards to create a space of safety and compassion because shadow work will only deepen further if there is no attention paid to fortifying the foundation and tending to the self. With that said, this spread also will bring in some deep honesty, honesty that may be discouraging, or hard to hear. Shadow work is no joke.

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This spread comes as a detailed word document, including pictures of your cards. You will also receive handouts to help your spread more fully open, clarify, and sustain in coming weeks after purchase. This is how the tarot comes to life.



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