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An incredibly hard aspect of stress management is that it is a series of steps. It is a lot of stopping and starting. There is a lot of trial and error, redirection and evaluation. There is no one formula for managing stress; if there were, we would not have the collective hurricane we do of stressful energy. When we are hit with stress, or a stressful trigger, it can feel overwhelming to move back to center, to keep going and not be hindered or phased.

If you are dealing with a lot of stress right now, are having a hard time getting your head above the metaphorical water, this is an in-depth spread to help you engage and work with your stress intentionally, mindfully, honestly. This 9-card spread unfolds the complexities and layers of stress, how to engage with new options, and how to take needed time to evaluate and re-center.

This spread will uncover some actions, behaviors, or attitudes that may also need to be changed, so while this spread is not a shadow-work spread, it may overlap in areas of integration and acknowledgment that have, up until now, gone unaddressed. Please make sure that you are ready to acknowledge some of these truths. Your spread will come as an attached word document, including pictures of your spread, and a handout to help the spread sustain for weeks after arrival.

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