Magnifying Your Goal


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Setting new goals is a brave and beautiful concept. It is truly an endeavor of self- love. However, setting goals, putting new habits into formation, and reaching the metaphorical finish line or desired end is one of the hardest things a human can do. Even when it comes to incredibly important topics, or has serious consequences, moving through the process of visualization and creating space to the final task is a hard, incredible undertaking.

Everyone has been here. I know I have, and that is why I created this spread. This tarot spread is a full and deep endeavor into the formation, process, and finalizing of your goal. This spread unpacks and reveals the importance of seeing the whole picture. We will not only use this spread to initiate a goal, we will also go through the process, to include support, strengths, and weaknesses. Finally, we will look at themes like organization, delegation, and acknowledgment of feelings throughout this process.

This spread is 9 cards, and will arrive to you as an attached word document, including pictures of your spread + cards. You will also receive personally created handouts to help the spread grow and shelter you as you move through this space. Please see my Policies and Code of Ethics before making a purchase with me; this ensures that you are aware and connect to my reading style. Click here to be redirected to that page.

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