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Are you ready to find your wings?


Just like the life cycle of the butterfly,

you can transform.


The life cycle of the butterfly is a beautiful thing to witness. It is a reminder of the constant changes that occur in life. It is a testament to the fact that transformation is possible through a multitude of moments, experiences, and points on the path. You are on the same type of path, even though it may look quite different. Your trials of darkness may not be in the small enclosure of a cocoon, but you still have trials of darkness. You still have moments where you emerge from something, shake off the old, and find your wings

 In this 5-card spread, we will discuss in metaphor the life cycle of the butterfly, using that cycle as the positions in this spread. The goal of this spread is to help you see where you are at in the different phases of metamorphosis in your own life, and to use the invitations from the cards in order to make the most of each phases so that your transformation is all that you make, dream, and want it to be. 


I recommend this tarot spread if…..

  • You are going through some great / small change in your life, and you want to see what energies to embody during this time. 
  • You need guidance of where to surrender, and where to rise.
  • You would like the benefit of understanding the different phases, and how each phase contributes to the cycle as a whole. 
  • The idea of this kind of transformation scares, bewilders, entices, enriches, or elevates you, and you want to share in this energetic exchange.
  • You know you are ready for this growth and change, but would like all the assistance you can get. 

How you will receive this spread:

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with an in-depth Welcome Package. In that email, you can either opt in for an email reading or a Zoom Call. If you opt in for an email reading, you will receive an email within 7 days of purchase with an attached folder that includes the written document of your spread cards, pictures of the cards, and a handout with prompts and resources to encourage continued growth after your reading. If you opt in for a Zoom call, you will be given access to a calendar to schedule our session. Our session will be recorded for my Confidential records, and your use to rewatch as you need. You will also receive the handout in an email after our session. Please make sure to read through my Policies and Code of Ethics before making a purchase. Click here to be directed to that page. 


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