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Do you know that you need to set some new intentions, and manage your stress through more mindful acts? Are you able to dictate and dedicate yourself towards change, but just need some help with that first push? If so, this spread is for you. This spread opens the narrative of stress, and how to manage it, because let’s be honest: stress will be always be a factor of life. However, stress does not have to rule your life, your options, your choices, or your sense of balance.

This short and simple spread targets the core focus or theme of your stress, or stressful triggers. From there, there is space created to shift perception. Acknowledging the truth of the here and now is what gives breath to new intentions because you cannot change what you cannot acknowledge. Finally, there is a invitation through the cards to see where new, mindful actions or behaviors can initiate a new chain reaction, starting a new ripple effect if you will.

This 3-card spread comes as a written word document, along with pictures of your cards. You will also receive some personally created handouts to help the invitations and messages from the cards nourish and sustain you in the coming weeks. Please read through my Policies and Code of Ethics before purchasing a reading. You can be redirected to that page by clicking here.

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