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Being a black sheep, or being on the fringe of your relationships and bonds, means that you have to be willing to travel many shared situations alone. Being on the fringe means that group gatherings, holidays, and the space of egoic identity takes on new complexities. It asks you to find strength in the same space that you have to overcome, or find vulnerability.

Being a black sheep of the family, or your social setting, may seem like a silly topic for a tarot spread, but as the sole black sheep of my family, I can tell you there is so much weight and energy that comes with that charge. I have had to spend years working through what my identity means, and where is the boundary between identity and rebellion, if there is one at all.

Being a black sheep means that you stand apart, and that offers many blessings, but it can also bring challenges. In this 3-card spread, we get right down to the nitty gritty. We will look more deeply into the blessings and the challenges, and how you can honor both in way that provides wholesome benefit to you, and all your charges going forward.

Some themes that we discuss in this offering are:

  • Showing up for yourself authentically
  • Showing up for others with resolve, strength, and fortitude
  • Reflections on those strengths, and how it creates the unique path you walk
  • What challenges need to be looked at, discussed, or reflected on if it feels safe and adequate to do so


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