Pain, Play, and Power of the Black Sheep


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All of the spreads within the Black Sheep theme focus on being the Black Sheep of your family, social groupings, demographic expectations, or society as a whole. This role offers so much authenticity and beauty, yet it is not an easy role to hold. It is not easy to be the only one to show up for yourself, to hold the space for yourself, to try and heal deep wounds by yourself, to hold the orphan of yourself long ago. What is easy is leaning into the authentic nature of yourself. In fact, in many cases, there is no other way to be than simply what you are, which is the most part of the Black Sheep.

In this spread, we explore and open the narratives of pain: how to heal and honor the orphan archetype, and how to show up to the hard truth. We explore the nature of play as part of the healing processing, and also shining a light to what still lies within obscurity within this role. We finally explore the narrative of how the previous two narratives help garner and gain a sense of authentic power.

Some themes and discussion topics that can come up are:

  • ways to honor the unique nature of yourself, without resorting to confrontation
  • dealing with narrow-minded people or concepts through the coping mechanisms of boundaries, blessings, and protection
  • working with, and healing the orphan archetype
  • creating needed vulnerability
  • creating patience for what still needs to be understood in this space of identity

This spread is available either via webchat or a detailed word document (with pictures) that is emailed to you. All spreads come with a handout to use through the working of this spread into sustenance. Please look to my Code of Ethics and Policies before purchase. If you have any questions, please email me at Much love!


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