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As the saying goes, boundaries before blessings, and this Protection Powder honors that code. Curated in a time of need of personal protection for myself and one of my sick cats, this protection powder is crafted and curated to protect your magickal self, and your spiritual practices.

Use this powder to cast your circle, protect your doorway, or a little thrown under the bed to protect you while you sleep. THis protection powder can be used for any sort of spiritual practice, ritual, or spell-crafting you desire.

This blend includes ingredients like salt and fire ash for purification. Calamus for power and domination. Ground egg shells for boundary setting, and graveyard dirt for spiritual and magickal enhancement. It also includes a proprietary blend of essential oils to encourage self-love, clarity, protection, and psychic enhancement.


**DO NOT INGEST** For spiritual / ritual / magickal purposes only. Package is approximately 4 ounces.

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