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Your creations are your gifts…

but sometimes they need a little help. Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Whatever you create and put out into this world is a gift of your spirit, and no, this doesn’t simply relate to artistic endeavors. When the thought of creating starts to visualize in the mind, it is often seen as this beautiful, fluid, organic process. That does happen….some of the the time. Much of the time, it is a series of starts and stops. It is a process where showing up to the creative process is seen by itself as a win. As a writer, I can attest to how many times I sat before the blank page, only to leave with nothing to show for it. That is why I created this spread.

 In this 3-card spread, we will get right to the energies of your creation, your creative process, and start to get to clear about some of the core energies at play. We will look at the heart of the matter, discussing what to focus on and channel, what to flesh out or let go of completely, and get some needed insight for you to take with you for the rest of this journey, and beyond.


I recommend this tarot spread if…..

  • You find yourself unable to connect into your flow, creative muses, or anything that helps you initiate the journey.
  • You have some imposter syndrome that is shunting your creative process.
  • What you have tried in the past doesn’t seem to resonate or hit the same now. 
  • You want some clarity about not only the process, but yourself in the process.
  • You need just a little push to move the energies towards momentum


How you will receive this spread:

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with an in-depth Welcome Package. In that email, you can either opt in for an email reading or a Zoom Call. If you opt in for an email reading, you will receive an email within 7 days of purchase with an attached folder that includes the written document of your spread cards, pictures of the cards, and a handout with prompts and resources to encourage continued growth after your reading. If you opt in for a Zoom call, you will be given access to a calendar to schedule our session. Our session will be recorded for my Confidential records, and your use to rewatch as you need. You will also receive the handout in an email after our session. Please make sure to read through my Policies and Code of Ethics before making a purchase. Click here to be directed to that page. 


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