Shadow: Undismayed and Uninterrupted


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Sometimes the best way to go deeper into personal shadows is to give it time and space. Have you tried to do this, only to immediately fill the need to return to the surface, where everything is comfortable and confined to neat little boxes? If yes, you are not alone. This is often the case when it comes to doing shadow work. Why? Because it is some hard shit to do.

If you want to do this work, but need some support so that you stay on track, and don’t let yourself be led away by distraction, this is a great spread. This spread will explore what is front and center in regards to shadow, as well as opening the narrative of reminders, resources, and potential roadblocks.

This spread is 5 cards, and will come via email as a detailed word document, including pictures of the card images. You will also receive handouts to help your spread sustain and nourish your continued work through the next couple of weeks to month.

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