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This last May I completed my Associate’s Degree in the Integrative Health Professionals Program. I chose this path shortly after solidifying the tarot as a major part of my life, my personal spiritual journey, and my higher calling. The cards showed me how I could rise higher in my services, provide more, and that is why I chose to enroll in IHP program.

Now that I have graduated with an Associate’s Degree, and  am working to finish my Wellness Coaching certificate, I am so excited to offer my coaching services to you. In these sessions, we will work together to build a toolkit full of resources and creations for inspiration. In these sessions, I will hold space for your specific needs, and words that need to be said. I will also offer information and guidance where needed to help, but I will always remember and work from a place of helping you uncover many of the answers within yourself.

This is a great option if you would like to build on your toolkit, manage stress, create needed boundaries, keep yourself on track with goals or projects, or need some spiritual invigoration. Please keep in mind that my Policies and Code of Ethics applies to coaching sessions as well. If you would like to make sure before purchase that this is the right option for you, please email me at teaandtombstones@gmail.com.

These sessions are an hour long, and you can book as many times as you need, though I recommend once or twice a month to allow yourself time to implement our discussions into daily life. As always, everything is kept 100% confidential.

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