The Mountain Spread


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Growing up in the foothills of Colorado, I have always known that the mountains that surround me have a soul. The Mountain is a strong archetype, but also a daunting or foreboding one. Even if you live at sea level, and have never stepped foot on a plateau, much less a mountain, you still have climbed a mountain. The archetype of the mountain speaks to overcoming, but also yielding. There is a need to respect and honor the mountain, even when we feel the need to conquer the height and ascend to the peak.

This is a spread is for you in relation to the metaphorical mountain that you are climbing right now. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. The mountain that you are moving through, and with, can feel quite overwhelming. This spread focuses on and explores the three key elements of a mountain (the base, the slope, and the peak / summit), and how they cooperate in relation to your movement through this journey. This spread also highlights how to use these elements to help find achievement, symbiosis, and an overall plan of attack.

This 9-card spread comes as a detailed word document, including pictures of your cards. You will also receive personally created handouts to help this spread and sustain and nourish you as you work with the invitations. Please make sure that you read through my Policies and Code of Ethics page before purchasing a reading. Click here to be directed to that page.

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