The Mountain Spread


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Are you ready to climb?

Growing up in the foothills of Colorado, I have always been in connection to the energies and archetype of the mountain. The mountain is a strong archetype. One minute you can feel the daunting and foreboding energies looming over you; the next minute you feel a rush of power and a connection to the great majesty that towers over the land. 

Even if you are at sea level, hate the outdoors, or have a rolling plateau as your highest peak, you still have climbed a mountain. You have climbed, reached the peak, and overcome something. You have yielded to others. In some way, you may be in connection to the archetype of the mountain, and not know it yet. You may know it, but not be able to see how the whole journey plays out. That is what we will discuss in this tarot spread.

 In this 9-card spread, we will discuss your journey, and some of the key energies that come with that ascension. We will use the cards to open the conversation of what the mountain archetype is, what is holds (things like the ability to see the lay of the land, the treasures that reside within, and more), and how to ascend, pause, and descend with a willing surrender to be changed through the process, to grow into your strength, and to stand in awe of the great journeys that are moving with you. 


I recommend this tarot spread if…..

  • You are moving through something (big or small) that you feel carries a great weight, and you would like a road map for clarity.
  • You need an ally to be part of a journey that is going to both strengthen and humble you, or if you feel the mountain archetype is too much, and you need a guide 
  • You have been through other mountains, and would like a new strategy.
  • You have been circling the invitations of this journey, not sure which way to begin.
  • You want insight, advice, guidance, clarity, and support through both the opportunities, and the obstacles. 


How you will receive this spread:

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with an in-depth Welcome Package. In that email, you can either opt in for an email reading or a Zoom Call. If you opt in for an email reading, you will receive an email within 7 days of purchase with an attached folder that includes the written document of your spread cards, pictures of the cards, and a handout with prompts and resources to encourage continued growth after your reading. If you opt in for a Zoom call, you will be given access to a calendar to schedule our session. Our session will be recorded for my Confidential records, and your use to rewatch as you need. You will also receive the handout in an email after our session. Please make sure to read through my Policies and Code of Ethics before making a purchase. Click here to be directed to that page.

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