The Tea and Tombstones Tarot Key



Tarot interpretations- wild and reclaimed

This digital download is home base for my own tarot interpretations, carved from years of walking and working with the cards. From the beginning of my learning, I knew that this is what I wanted to give and offer to others. This core of my own tarot understandings and interpretations has grown and evolved over time, and it honors that voice I have held and crafted as a tarot reader.

A tarot key is the broken down narrative of each card to its most crucial or core parts. In this 31- page PDF you will receive my key on each tarot card, with multiple bullet points or key phrases. It also has information regarding the roles and differences of the different categories of a tarot deck (Majors, Minors, Courts), making this a thorough and detailed tarot key for understanding and using in your own practice.

Across my platform, I work to emphasize the love I hold for the craft and gift of tarot, based on what it gave to me when I first started reading. Like a lone wolf, my interpretations are my own, straying from many of the standard understandings. May this download help you read the cards from a wild center, and from a reclaimed spirit.

Just to note: this is a digital download that will be sent to your inbox after payment is completed. If there is an issue with the purchase, or not receiving the key in your inbox, let me know so I can troubleshoot and get it to you. Thanks. 


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