Wild Reclaiming


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This spread, inspired by and utilizing The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, is meant to tap into the wild and true nature of your authentic self. When we strip away the expectations, surface level visualizations, and acts of conformity, what are we left with? Who are we when we are not leaning into the social narrative to create this definition. That is what this spread explores. Who are we when we reclaim the internal wilderness that thrives with, and without, technological conveniences and status quo.

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck uses the images and messages of animals to pull out the internal narrative, one that is not assuaged by modern acclimation. Often, this wilderness within us continually gets pushed aside to meet the many demands of this crazy world. But that can cause fissures within. When we are separate and apart from our internal wilderness, we cannot fully appreciate or connect with the bigger picture in this broad world.

Some of the themes that can come up (but are not limited) with this spread are:

  • spirit of self in connection with greater Spirit
  • rewilding as a process, and how to navigate the different landscapes
  • how to let loose your metaphorical howl
  • connecting with the metaphorical ecosystem of your surroundings to guide you
  • migratory patterns towards higher, more authentic self
  • finding your pack

**This spread does not focus on, or go into the narrative of Spirit Animals. Spirit Animals are a sacred tradition and sacred spiritual connection from numerous First Nations Tribes. The intention of this spread is to use the cards as invitations for self-discovery and explorations of deeper personal narratives. It is not intended to say which animal is a part of your life’s journey, or which animal is a foundational guardian on your path.** 

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