Wild Reclaiming


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Pull out the howl in your throat

Rise my wild one….

It is time to come home to the self, time to reclaim your wild skin


One of the surest things in this world is that you are both sovereign and wild, and interconnected and called to the energies and world around you. You have wild DNA running in your veins. You breathe into the trees, and the trees breathe into you. However, it is hard to remember that sacred bond while trying to make sense and make do in this world. It can be easy to stray from the forest, shoreline, prairie of your soul, and it can be even harder to come home. That is the very purpose of this spread. 

 In this 3-card spread, we will discuss the missing links of that sacred bond, and where the straying can U-Turn to come back home to the self. This spread pull includes one card from the The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck to speak to internal, wild energies that may be beneficial in initiating this wild reclaiming. With this, and the other two cards, we will consider and speak to the merits and utility of living in wild sovereignty and interconnection, including your own perspective, spiritual focal points, and personal path to this point. 


I recommend this tarot spread if…..

  • You feel like something is off in your world, but you don’t know exactly what it is, or where it came from.
  • You feel like a stranger in your skin and in your life, like you have no control but keep trying to make an impact for change.
  • You have felt this disconnection before, but you want to approach it in a new way.
  • You need a fellow kinsman to be there in this discussion with you for new insight and support. 
  • You can’t remember the last time you metaphorically, or physically, howled. 

How you will receive this spread:

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