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Mother of Cups in the Dark


There have been numerous words given to the Mother of Cups, full of praise and light, justly deserved. But there needs to be time given to the dark mother, the one in the corner, carrying wounds and weapons that haven’t been seen.

There are many reasons why it is important to go into the dark side of the tarot:

1.) There is no card in the deck that is strictly good or bad. They all carry the cosmos of light and trouble.

2.) There is no one way to “define” good or bad. Is a good card good because it makes us feel positive? Is a “bad” card the good one because it challenges us to grow and learn so we can honor our highest potential?


The Mother of Cups promotes self-love, self-discovery, the need for boundaries, and a self-actualized encouragement to go deeper into what we love and cherish in this moment. However, despite these nuisances of deeper love and celebration, the Mother of Cups (just like any other card) has a dark side that reveals obstacles, troubles, or a need for change.

The Mother of Cups shows the beauty of self-love and love to others, but that doesn’t mean that everyone we are around is someone who will bring us joy. We are often required to be around others who we do not hold the best feelings for. This is not a shadow element, but how we deal with this can become a shadow element if we are unchecked in certain behaviors.

One behavior is shit-talking. This behavior does nothing but breed hostility. We are vocalizing our negative feelings,  but not in a way that reaches any conclusion or solution for growth. I want to be clear that shit-talking is not the same as venting. When we vent to someone, we are also not looking for any conclusion to be met, nor are we trying to make a point. We are simply letting out our emotions to someone we trust, or venting in a journal. When someone is trash-talking someone else, we are not trying to reach a solution, but we ARE trying to make a point of how bad this other person is.

When someone trash-talks another it is often because they would never express their feelings in a constructive way to the person involved. Obviously, this is problematic behavior. The Mother of Cup teaches self-love. If we are hurt or upset with someone that is okay, but it becomes problematic when we refuse to address the issue, and resort to bad-mouthing someone behind their back.


Another dark side to the Mother of Cups is the need for validation from others. If there is a need to be validated or approved by others, it can often be because of deep-rooted insecurities. The problem here is that the gratification for validation never promotes self-love because it didn’t through us or for us. It came out of a need to be enriched by the words of others, to be seen or in the spotlight. When we practice self-love, we are validating our own vulnerable nature, complete with gifts and flaws.

The urge to be validated can be seen in many ways. It can be seen in jealousy, that we want more validation that someone else. It can be seen in toxic comparisons, or in the need to be competitive with another person, to outdo them and shine brighter. Obviously, all of these are problematic because it fosters a negative outlook. It preaches that we don’t have enough, but it never encourages a healthy way to express our emotions.

Finally, the Mother of Cups is highly intuitive and nurturing. Because of these qualities, she is also prone to burn-out, creative dismantling, or emotionally worn. If the Mother of Cups does not take time to spend alone or with others who fuel her creative or emotional passions, if she is constantly fulfilling the needs of others while neglecting herself, she will burn out. Boundaries and the Sacred No are incredibly important for the Mother of Cups. She needs to be able to take care of herself so that she can serve others.

**Please note that I am not saying that these traits equal a bad person. We all hold and often can act on this dark elements at times. What is important to be mindful, and work to foster an environment where we are self-loving, and promoting love and honesty to others.**

Let me know your thoughts!

Much love Wolflings,


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November cards: Dragonfly and the Mother of Cups

Dearest Wolflings,

We have passed through a harsh month, full of dichotomies and conflicting energies. I am happy to say that November is going to be a time of reflection, tapping into mindful directions, and listening to the rolling waves of our hearts. We move into the month of the Dragonfly and the Mother of Cups. Both cards tap into ancient wisdom of mindful intentions and actions. These cards harness a need to go deeper into the psyche, to heal wounds and learn more about our power.

Dragonfly and the Mother of Cups

Starting with the Dragonfly, this spirit animal has been seen in symbols across almost every culture. They have been around in some form for millions of years. They have seen the changes of the Earth, the rivers, the mountains, and the seasons through eyes that make the bulk of their head. They must keep moving, and they can move in all directions. These ancient ones call on us to see, to be still, and to move with direction. They call on us to quiet the mind and listen to the wisdom that come from being a part of this world. Acting with direction is key. Thinking before speaking is key. Creating powerful intentions and visualizations are key. The first step is to come into rhythm of silence by quieting the mind. Sit alone and meditate. Journal your thoughts and feelings. Create something for the simple sake of creation. The mind is able to move with purpose when we create buffers to safeguard the positive thoughts we are starting to manifest with this animal energy.

Free stock photo of nature, blue, eyes, grass

All the mothers are the Healers. They are the Keepers of knowledge, lineage, and ritual. They safeguard the treasures of history and heritage. The Mother of Cups is double-water. Everything about her flows from the well of creation and intuition. In some ways she is like the Empress, endless in her capacities of love for the sake of love. They both radiate the light of inner acceptance, inner bloom. Where they depart is the Empress is the bridge between the High Priestess and the Emperor. She understands the messages of this world, but she is creative and channels her gifts towards the dawn of new possibilities which the Emperor enforces.

Swan on Body of Water

The Mother of Cups is more internal, spending more time in ritual and in sacred space. She is highly intuitive and spiritual, but she is less public, less out in the open. Her gifts are born and brought from a place that she cannot share with others. Because she is a Swan, she is of two worlds. One of the land, and one of dark water. Because she is of two worlds she is also a bridge, a bridge between the tangible manifestation and the deep, pulsating quiet of the heart. She is a Keeper of the heart, of relationships, and selfless love, and a Healer to the world when she comes to the surface.

If there is one line I could write to describe what messages I am receiving from these cards, it would be: Quiet the mind. Channel the heart. Going deeper into the subconscious, into wishes and dreams, and manifesting positivity, ritual, heritage, our inner lineage is a tall order. How can we keep things out of our minds when so much is happening that is trying to force its way in? By creating boundaries. Like the Mother, we need to be of almost two worlds. The visible one on land where we bond and love and speak about how that love is never going to go away. But we also must go deeper to heal and learn and channel that love into ourselves for manifestation. Last month saw intense energy, now we must quiet the mind, and channel the heart for change.

**Thank you for reading. Please let me know your thoughts on these cards for November. Much love. Stay wild, wolfling!**

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Letting go: 7 of Cups and Tatsuya



It feels like the closing of energies and affections begin before the actual dates click down and down. As we get closer to the end of December, what is going to happen in the next couple of weeks perhaps is just going to happen. Maybe this time, full of chaos and height, is actually the perfect time to find some peace of mind. Is there a point where it actually benefits us to stop dwelling on what can be changed or tweaked for the final weeks of December? Is this the time that we should bring in consideration and nod ourselves towards quieting and not gripping?

I would argue this possibility. Sometimes we continue to plunge ourselves into the pressure of creating. We force ourselves to do more in these final weeks that we actually forgo the space to just sit, or (dare I say it) observe with distance. December is a month of leading. Everything is planned, detailed out, purchased and outlined. There is much beauty in this. Memories of sparkling holidays are a gift many do or cannot have. But the strain follows quickly behind. Moments are priceless and fatigue is temporary, but I cannot keep out the thought that even in these frantic weeks, we can still find some control and some release.

There can be a bounty in finding small releases, and focusing more on intentions. With the New Moon energy circling, this is an ample time to reflect and dream. Not all will pan out. Not all intentions are meant to. But as December blurs into the new year, it is a good time to ponder and protect what is sacred at this festive time.

The first card drawn at random is the 7 of Cups. The 7 of Cups tantalizes and draws us in with all the different cups to choose from. In the background is a dark sky with a crescent moon. Now is the time to look into what intentions you wish to follow, even if for a stroll. What actions can you pursue without burning yourself out? Now is a time when everyone is on the brink of burning out regardless, so what actions will keep you centered and secure?

The plethora of possibilities shows that options can be good. They are worth exploring, even if it is only through creative outlets or communication. What is not good is trying to chase each option because they all possess a new, fertile ground. Take a look at what you want to release, or what you want to bring into control. What needs control? What needs expansion? And what just needs to be snuffed out? The 7 of Cups engages our emotional fantasies and options. Already a heightened time, these proclivities can drag us into more emotional distress. This a card about balance. This a time for balance. Find your intentions and draw out the flame, but do not constantly build on something that emotionally is not ready, and may never be.

How we can either help quiet or strengthen these intentions is with the help of Tatsuya. This oracle card means that through all of these, whatever is released or held dear, we must be warriors for ourselves, and the new purposes we beseech. Standing on some of the emotional precipices, we may be surrounded by many, but if they drain our energy we must walk alone. If this time is beautiful, we must champion the space with conviction to engage and perhaps even sacrifice. If this time is hard, we must remind ourselves to not face the dragon, but forge our own flames.

However the end of December meets you, take control over what you can. This could be as small as planning space in the day to reflect and give in to the need for quiet moments and loud thoughts. It could be as big as protecting yourself against certain plans or people that the holiday may be trying to bring together. Release and control. Look at what options you have, and how they serve your incoming year. Have the courage to do what you need, even if it means being scoffed by others. This year has been turbulent, but in the eye of the hurricane there is calm. How can you get into the center?


**Thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment on the cards, or anything about the upcoming weeks. If you liked what you read, become part of my wolf pack. If you would like to work with me, please email me at Stay wild wolflings.**

The decks used are The Wild Unknown and Oracle of the Dragonfae. Click here to find The Wild Unknown tarot collection and here to find the Oracle of Dragonfae collection for purchase. (These are not affiliate links)

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Card of the week: Reversed Father of Cups



“In the mountains, where the pines bend and sigh like my swans. / At the table, where the teapot presides like my swans, over all lesser things. / My swans were sharp and hungry as desire, and I fed and forgave  /  them too.” ~ Veronica Patterson Where are My Swans?


Last week, we were standing on our edge, puncturing the flat surface of our internal lakes to unleash the flowing ripples. Now that the waters have been stirred, now that we have started to form that link between the oceans we endure and the shores we wait on, we need to focus on what that means for our emotions. Letting the creatures surface empowers us to hear that wild call and let our emotions start to shake. This comes with responsibilities. We need to rule with a thick skin, but a warm heart.

The father swan swims alone, black like obsidian. He is apart from the rest. This does not bother him. Behind him is a deluge. Again, he is undeterred. He gracefully floats, comfortable and at ease. He is completely folded in proper corners of awareness and insight. Because the Father of Cups is reversed here, his energy is on the internal level, not quite ready to breach the surface.

In this space, we need to be accountable for the emotions we hold. These emotions could manifest and leave the skin, or they could stay covered, continuing to ride the unseen currents. Wherever they end, these emotions carry weight. Our emotions are part of our cosmic canyons, heavy in consequences and rewards.

James Roper

In the light, the reversed Father of Cups speaks to gaining a grip on our emotions, and how it helps us conquer ground. We can internally process and grow, We can ignite the tinder of our circumstances and relationships. Here, we choose what we carry, and let what is important be known to others when the time is right. In this sacred space, there isn’t a need to fight others in pursuit to wave our emotional flags. We can bear the storm of circumstance, take what is given, and melt it down to be reborn again, soft as gold or hard as a diamond. We can be adorned in black feathers in a sea of white, and never feel out of place.

In the shadows, these emotions can turn toxic if we let them. Instead of using our emotions to buoy us, we can make them an anchor to take us down, believing we made a difference. It is normal to want our emotions to carry us across the waves, but we need to take point. We need to harbor ourselves ashore and safeguard the provisions we have. Emotions can be a beast to bear, becoming overwhelmed is an incredibly normal feeling, especially in the time and social climate we are in. But instead of trying to bargain our emotions for a physical reward, we should assume the role of beast and stand firm in the darkest nights. It could be easy to become a victim of our emotions, but where would we be if we let that happen?

This is a BEAUTIFUL piece of art!

For this week, turn inward. Observe what emotions you carry or consume. Seek control and lead yourself through each day. If there is an obstacle, find a way through it. If there is someone or a situation that stands against you, clearly decide if your emotional fight is worth the battle scar. Let the emotions be fluid and reside in your internal house. The reversed Father of Cups shows us that we can maintain dominion, and fill ourselves to the ribs with good and bad emotions. They are a catalyst for beauty and war, and all the rolling thunder in between. What we take and give is a choice.


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Tarot card is from The Wild Unknown. Click here to purchase this tarot deck. (This is not an affiliate link)

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Card of the week: 7 of Cups

7 of cups

“Let us for one night / be new again, have before us / the white bird whole.”
~ Meditation on the Old Year by Erin Coughlin Hollowell

After we have addressed the deep truth of our emotional crucible, we need to examine what options we have. We are not divided into small compartments where we place the small trinkets that clink in different pockets. We are constantly in our own small orbit, circling forward and back again. We need to examine what lies before us as we walk towards the destination we plotted from the previous week. This is our quest, the singular search for our emotional holy grail.

The 7 of Cups provides us choices that flow from the underbelly of the sub- conscious to the surface to break apart the lake of our emotional waters. Not all of these choices are known, nor are they perfect. However, one of the miraculous talents of humans is to work with what is given, which many times is less than enough. We make choices, those choices create actions that lead to more choices. The cycle never stops. But, we can learn and adapt. We can even sometimes feel the emotional connection before we have even made the decision to fall.

The light in the 7 of Cups is the beauty to utilize those emotional connections to gain and become whole through the choices we make. Too often, the small and unassuming moments that we have created are left as coincidence, or luck, In fact, many times these moments are the exact gift to merge our hearts to our lizard brains. My tarot teacher calls those who live in cyclical connection the sacred rebels. I love this term, because it speaks to soldier, who on at the quest, found something far more precious.

Image result for making choices art

However, this can bring in the shadow if it is not kept in check. We must be sacred rebels of ourselves. We are unique snowflakes, but we are still part of much bigger storm. We must keep ourselves practical, and in the real world. If we neglect that fact, those presented choices from the 7 of Cups will have real and dire consequences. We cannot be swept into the illusion that we can always be in the ether. We, like it or not, are part of a big village. If we consistently put our fantasies on a pedestal , we will constantly be disappointed.

'I is another' [Arthur Rimbaud].  DID by on @deviantART

For this week, focus on giving more attention to both the mystical and the tangible. The 7 of Cups presents many options. We must work with what we have to achieve a more complete set of experiences. The heart is a powerful muscle, and many times is in charge of the head. But the heart is easily corrupted. The quest is many times never about the found gems in some far country. It is about the ones whose choices led them there.


**Thank you for reading. Please comment, and let me know how the 7 of Cups and its many possibilities manifest in your life. Hit Follow if you would like more tarot insight. If you would like a free reading, please email me at**

Tarot card is from The Wild Unknown tarot deck. Click here to go to The Wild Unknown website. (This is not an affiliate link)









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Card of the week: Reversed 10 of Cups

10 of cups reversed

“The happiest man on earth would be able to use the Mirror of Erised like a normal mirror, that is, he would look into it and see himself exactly as he is.”

~ Albus Dumbledore * Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”


Last week we looked at the ways we need to approach ourselves and others. There is too much at stake to trivialize the truth. Much of the world around us is not in disarray, and things are not normal. We cannot make it so. But we cannot linger just on words and thoughts. There is a need to pluck out the feelings from our own pin cushions. Our feelings and our hearts are the mechanism to carry those truths that can either bond or break us.

The reversed 10 of Cups can have either too much emphasis on the picture perfect world, or too little. We cannot look at all that we want through the lens of never having enough. This is not the foundation to bring more onto our hearths. We must be happy with who we are, what we look like, or what we have. This is not an easy thing to do. Insecurity and want are inevitably human characteristics. But if we ever want to feel complete we must start where we are, and be grateful for that space.

Salvador Dali: journal practice. Give something human features. This is example is of a dresser.

However, the reversed 10 of Cups does show us how truly beautiful life can be when we seek something better. The face of our landscape does change; that view is attainable if we put the car in drive. If you come from a place of humility, realizing the name of what you want, saying it out loud can be freeing. You were meant to say those sweet syllables. You were meant to bring out that song.

The doorway to your dreams.

The reversed 10 of Cups is a very human card. The colors flow in and out, pouring only to be refilled. This what the emotional barometer is. For this week, seek gratitude first. From there, fill your chalice with an elixir made of spectrum. If you can only see the trees, you will miss the Holy Forest. You will not know the magic that comes as quickly as a Colorado storm, the dark clouds leaving as quickly as they bloomed.


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Card of the week: 10 of cups


The 2 of wands was the first stage of manifesting discoveries, and setting foot on to our own possibilities. Even if all of those opportunities have not yet come back full circle. We are now in a rich space with the 10 of cups. I don’t mean rich as material wealth or gains. I mean richness in emotional fortune. This card brings together the parts and pieces of our macro and micro worlds that make us feel whole.

As the picture indicates, the cups keep flowing and filling each other. 10 indicates It is the same with the energy that it holds. This energy will replicate and flow into other the cups of our lives. This center centers us and brings emotional treasures. These treasures include safety and security. This is what we come running back to because it is where the good things are.

It should be mentioned that with this card, the spectrum is endless in how it will shape-shift into each person’s little cosmos. Obviously, there is no one way to be happy. Each person has to make that center for themselves, by themselves. Individually and collectively unique, we do have the presence of the 10 which brings success, a new stage, and refreshed karma.

For me, this card speaks to all that I have and am grateful for. Family, friends, my blog, my cats, nature, and all the things that make me the little weirdo that I am. In that place, where I am just me, I have all that I need.

Speaking of needs, this is the time to speak to those. This energy would not be complete if it was isolated energy. This energy includes relationships, and how they have helped get each of us to this place. This is what quiets the animosity of people and situations that can poison us. Right now, and for the rest of the week, this spirited energy hums long and loud. Chase that noise deep into the darkness, and let nothing be faster than you.

Some further tips:

Scents: Vanilla, citrus, or Jasmine

Stones: Citrine and Onyx

Animal Spirits:

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