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Cards of the Week: Lady Luna’s Magick and Reversed Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune   Image result for Lady Luna's Magick

“She had never been in a place where the moon blooms, / or bridges lead to mirrors, / where the sky rains colored feathers, and we don’t get wet.” ~ When He Asks about Her Dreams by Lauren Camp

Right now, the world is buzzing, electrified by an energy always in transition. There have been political and social catastrophe’s, a hurricane that reared its wet paw to attack, and a black moon hung in suspense over our single star. There is much going on. In times like this, it can be easy to react outwardly, or to deflect in order to still make sense of things. It is always important to know where we stand. But in order to know where we stand with the circumstances around us, we must know where we stand inside our nerves, inside the cycles and pulses of ourselves. Within our perceptions lie the hidden metaphors and meanings. These ghosts help reveal what’s needed in the business that we must soon attend to. We must understand how things button for us, before we can ever hope to use our leverage to create change.

Lady Luna’s Magick speaks to drawing inward for understanding. The Moon is the middle between total darkness and light. She is silver radiance, and never still. Her movements are powerful. When we draw and channel this energy, ripples are made. These ripples are encouraged by the reversed Wheel of Fortune. Once they start, they expand, pushing the wheel. Once we start to look inward and synchronize with our inner energy, the motions we set are positive, and contradict all that is happening right now.

In the picture, Lady Luna stands before the silver coin, holding her staff, adorned with a large, Sun-colored crystal. This shows the merging between two worlds, two perceptions. The moon may not always be seen, but it’s power is untarnished. The eclipse was proof of that. Everyone wanted to see and experience the crossing of two paths. A cycle has come full circle after 99 years. The connection to the Wheel of Fortune is clear. The eclipse may be gone, but the energy is still circulating. Even in the picture of the Wheel, the Sun is bright, on top and synchronized with the Moon. These two cards were chosen at random, but are closely bonded.

In the light, these two cards allow us to connect more deeply to the underbelly of our circumstances. We are the pivot between the internal and external cycles and motions. In the light, we could find alignment, experience an unseen eclipse of perspective. Right now, what is needed is positive action towards change. But that means that we as individuals, as families, or in a group need to be that merging. Positive change for status quo is not enough. We must feel the motion in our bones.

oorequiemoo:  Moon priestess Surrealistic French Postcard by Arjalew, Paris, ca 1900

In the darkness, these two energies could start to oppose each other, if allowed. They could offset, cancelling the other into silence. These energies right now are polarizing. What brings them together is that point of singularity, messily made of flesh and fluctuations. In the dark, indifference towards the other could hinder the process. There can be no merging if we refuse to participate.

Planetary Smash-Up “This artist’s concept shows a celestial body about the size of our moon slamming at great speed into a body the size of Mercury. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope found evidence that a high-speed collision of this sort occurred a few...


For this week, look at what cycles or energies are coming and going. What is being revealed, and what is being set into motion? Cause and causation are stretched out like a band. They can have distance, but they always snap back together, biting down the length. Let the band between internal and external world snap back to center. To you.


**Thank you for reading. I have started to add an Oracle card into the conversation. Please let me know how either of these cards come forward for you. My tarot deck is The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans. My Oracle deck is The Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish. If you would like a personal reading, please email me at**

Decks used are The Wild Unknown tarot deck and the Oracle of the Dragonfae oracle deck. Click here to find The Wild Unknown tarot deck and here to find the Oracle of the Dragonfae. (These are not affiliate links)

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Card of the week: The Moon


the moon

“Moonlight drowns out all the brightest stars.” ~ J.R.R Tolkien The Lord of the Rings

When we were full on the Emperor, there was authority, leadership, and the ability to create a host of experiences in our lives through reason. There was individual conquering, allowing us to drink our power to the brim. We will need that individual conquering because this week we will be illuminated with the Moon, the beautiful and illusive phantom that hangs like a gleaming pendant in the sky.

The Moon is the widening lake of the unconscious, the unknown pieces of ourselves that mold and work us into our outer lives. We know that the Moon is responsible for the change in tides, due to the unseen pull of gravity. We cannot see this force, but we know it exists. The same can be said for the unconscious, but it is there pushing and pulling the shores into awareness and movement.


Lunacy and lunatic share the same root word: LUNA. This means Moon. The Moon with that same cycle, that same strong pull on the blue orb that we rest on, was (and is still) thought by many to manipulate our minds into crazed delusions and fantasies. The Moon does not make us crazy, but it does give off an old and wild energy. This energy cannot be dethroned, or humiliated. The Moon gives us a raw and almost feral permission to feel deeply. We can unleash our own wild magic, and walk through the barrier between expectations and instincts.


In the light, the Moon gently pulls us towards introspection. We cannot create change and engage with the world if we are functioning at half of our awareness. Now, this is not to say that the Moon requires us to fully open our unconsciousness all the time. We cannot physically pull that off. The Moon calls us to look deep into our wells and examine small pieces that may be important, but have been submerged under the water. In the light, this card allows us to more fully understand certain elements, circumstances, or aspects of ourselves that we can use to positively embellish our decisions and actions.

In the shadows, this energy can be difficult to burden, and the energy can go across the spectrum. On one side, there is a reaction of judgement, doubt, or assumptions. We think we know the deeper reflective surfaces of ourselves, so we critique anything that comes up and swiftly push it away. It is uncomfortable to fall down our individual rabbit holes, but it is the only to authentically look at our internal cosmos. On the other side, we cannot lose ourselves in the mist. We cannot constantly pull something out of us and still be efficient. We must be able to pull ourselves back into the real world again. We are needed there. Those who constantly dwell in this darkness can never fully appreciate the movement of change.


For this week, start to look at what pulls and pushes on the deeper layers of yourself. Look at current or past circumstances, actions, choices, or relationships. They all your force pulling at them. What are the underlying meanings of any these scenarios? Do they have or need meaning? Take some time to dwell in this place, and allow thoughts or feelings to expand. The Moon is the link between our consciousness, and our surroundings. These all swing in the cycles, so take some time to let your wildling nature come out.


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Tarot card is from The Wild Unknown deck. Click here to go The Wild Unknown website and shop. (This is not an affiliate link)

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Card of the Week: The Emperor

the emperor

“The Buck stops here.”

The Emperor is steeped in reason and rationality. In the Wild Unknown deck (my deck), illustrated by Kim Krans, he stands a giant tree, a looming figure in domain over his canopy. When I look at this picture, I think of the beautiful redwood trees. Their presence and power is unmatched. Those around them can only look upwards, humbled by size. The Sun shines in the background, a symbol of the fiery power of the conscious mind. The Emperor’s commanding presence places a stronghold on himself, yet he safeguards the space because he knows that he was not randomly placed into power. He exercised power with the logistics of his experiences.

The Emperor can either be a positive force, or a formidable foe. He emulates authority, an energy that I sometimes struggle with. When he comes for me, I can hear his voice calling me to see my surroundings, and reminds that my mind is precise. It is a stronger weapon than I know, yet I carry it always. I have learned that through this card, the trust is being placed on me to wield my mental power. It alone has already helped to this precious space that I hold.

Image result for commander art

In the light, the Emperor shows us that reason and logic allow for the bigger picture to be palpable. The experiences of the world are a test. Conquering each one is a victory, and proof that we are in control of our own destinies. Our lives do not happen to, or in spite of us. Our lives happen through us, by us, and because of us. Our choices, when made with reason and intent, unfold the world like a desert flower. Despite of the conditions, we can bloom into favor and good fortune.

In the shadow, he forces us to place an uncomfortable distance with our emotions. Emotions are not logical. They are not meant to be. One of the beautiful, but harsh truths about being human is that we are messy creatures, prone to fear and doubt. But our emotions allow us another way to cope with this imperfect place. To find meaning despite a shitty circumstance is poetic; it is a testament that our emotions lead us beyond our spaces. The Emperor doesn’t leave a lot of room for that. He, instead, requires a removal of this process. This has its benefits, but it is not easy.

Image result for francis bacon

For this week, seek to find how you can lead your life with authority. Things are attainable if you apply your force of will. You will need to find the balance, and not over exert yourself. The Emperor did not claim his throne by always exerting his will. He knew when and where to do it. The political backlash of the United States, and treasonous Trump, shows just what can happen when one leads power-drunk. For this week, seek a logical and reasonable balance. Do not lay blame towards others. Hold yourself accountable. Good things come when the fire of the mind takes its grip.

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Tarot card is from The Wild Unknown tarot deck. Click here to go the website for this deck, and the whole collection from The Wild Unknown. (This is not an affiliate link)

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Card of the week: Reversed Ace of Wands

ace of wands reversed

“An altar dignifying the god of chance. / What is beautiful it cautions, / Is found accidentally and not sought after. / What is beautiful is easily lost.” ~ The Altar Charles Simic

Last week we were forced to bring ourselves into awareness that the mental cycles we were carrying were only crippling us. We had to surrender our damaged ego into the deluge, and recognize the mental plateaus that bound us into circles. While hard, the beauty in letting go is that we can delete old processes to make way for new possibilities that stem from deep inside our inner chasms

The reversed Ave of Wands lets us know that this is week that new dreams will start to germinate. New creative ambitions are possible, and we can start to envision the vast growth about to take place. Being forced to remove our jaded mental ideas reminds us that sometimes when we are forced into something it is exactly what we need to move forward. The card shows a small black wand, with white flowers blooming. The border is fiery, full of tiny vibrant rivers. This is a reminder that the color inside of us must come from within. The river must start in our internal high ground. From there it will collect and find the cliff, where we act on and cherish this internal spectacle. It is only inside of us that we can find a source to harbor such a positive rage.

Inspiration: Using Images as Writing Prompts | Tea with Tumnus - awesome post

In the light, the reversed Ace of Wands speaks to the internal dreams and poetry we never stop creating. Soon, a sonnet will come out and speak the syllables of the path we are meant to wander on. Here, we can see our intentions siphon out what will or won’t work for us. In this internal space, there is no judgment. There is only constant creation and tender migrations. We can only find the source of water once we instinctively know where to go.

In the shadow, this card embodies the internal cliché of putting your cart before your horse. It is beautiful to dream big, and imagine the reservoir as an ocean. But we must remain present and pragmatic in our planning. We cannot work with what we do not have. It can be detrimental to place such huge expectations on something that is just starting to take shape.

I feel like this and giving up..

For this week, dream hard for what and where you want to be. Let your mind harbor any ship that seeks a certain destination, then plan on how to get there if that is where you need to go. Do not be afraid to seek a treasure, just be ready to face a storm.


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Tarot card is from The Wild Unknown tarot deck. Click here to go to the website for this deck, and the whole collection from The Wild Unknown. (This is not an affiliate link)

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Card of the week: Reversed 10 of Swords

10 of swords reversed

“There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.”

~ Samwise Gamgee


I missed last week due to the holiday festivities, and I hope that you all had a good holiday. Two weeks ago we were dealing with the 7 of Cups, and the plethora of choices that bled between the external and internal orbit of our emotions. Now we are moving into the reversed 10 of Swords. In the reversed position, I usually read these cards as internal, and not yet ready or active in the physical world.

A bull lays skewered in the ground. Nine swords penetrate his flanks and back. The tenth sword has been pushed through both eyes. It also appears that there is a heavy rain, surrounding and seeping the bull into invisibility. The whole scene is violent, and quite sad. This image resonates that in the internal mental space sometimes we are the one holding the sword, ready to attack and destroy for no reason. Other times, we are the bull, a victim of a cruel game. Whether this game is perceived or real does not actually matter. If we allow ourselves to become the victim, real or imaginary, we are now part of that cruel and violent spot.

On the surface this card speaks to an abrupt finality in our mental cycles. There is pain, trauma, and past weight that bears down on us, keeping us fixed in one space. With the reversed 10 of Swords, there is a warning given that we must end our internal cycles, processes, and old focuses. If we let the ego continue to hold it’s stance in the same terrible position, we will continuously endure the same dreaded fate, and we can never transform.

Image result for ego art

In the light though, internal transformation is one of the biggest declarations of this card. We endure and carry so much mental weight and blistering judgments. However, there is room for a promise here. In our endurance, we find our strength. We become mentally unyielding, less likely to succumb or kneel. Now, we have let old parts of ourselves die, old illnesses in the ego that were crumbling into dust. This is where we internally set new boundaries, and take control of our lives. We will not be the victim, nor the jester to make the sick and twisted cheer. We are in control, and unencumbered.

On the shadow side, the pain and trauma could leave us more bitter and less willing to fight. Internally, we feel shaken, beat down, and impoverished. Because this card is reversed, this could also point to the fact than many times we bear a smile, and an empty victory in our fists, but deep down we are still the victim stuck in the deluge of our doubts. The only way that we can truly move forward, and claim a new mental space is to be open and honest. The pain may be unbearable, but we truly have nowhere to go but up.


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Tarot card is from The Wild Unknown tarot deck. Click here to go The Wild Unknown website for their full collection. (This is not an affiliate link).

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Card of the week: 7 of Cups

7 of cups

“Let us for one night / be new again, have before us / the white bird whole.”
~ Meditation on the Old Year by Erin Coughlin Hollowell

After we have addressed the deep truth of our emotional crucible, we need to examine what options we have. We are not divided into small compartments where we place the small trinkets that clink in different pockets. We are constantly in our own small orbit, circling forward and back again. We need to examine what lies before us as we walk towards the destination we plotted from the previous week. This is our quest, the singular search for our emotional holy grail.

The 7 of Cups provides us choices that flow from the underbelly of the sub- conscious to the surface to break apart the lake of our emotional waters. Not all of these choices are known, nor are they perfect. However, one of the miraculous talents of humans is to work with what is given, which many times is less than enough. We make choices, those choices create actions that lead to more choices. The cycle never stops. But, we can learn and adapt. We can even sometimes feel the emotional connection before we have even made the decision to fall.

The light in the 7 of Cups is the beauty to utilize those emotional connections to gain and become whole through the choices we make. Too often, the small and unassuming moments that we have created are left as coincidence, or luck, In fact, many times these moments are the exact gift to merge our hearts to our lizard brains. My tarot teacher calls those who live in cyclical connection the sacred rebels. I love this term, because it speaks to soldier, who on at the quest, found something far more precious.

Image result for making choices art

However, this can bring in the shadow if it is not kept in check. We must be sacred rebels of ourselves. We are unique snowflakes, but we are still part of much bigger storm. We must keep ourselves practical, and in the real world. If we neglect that fact, those presented choices from the 7 of Cups will have real and dire consequences. We cannot be swept into the illusion that we can always be in the ether. We, like it or not, are part of a big village. If we consistently put our fantasies on a pedestal , we will constantly be disappointed.

'I is another' [Arthur Rimbaud].  DID by on @deviantART

For this week, focus on giving more attention to both the mystical and the tangible. The 7 of Cups presents many options. We must work with what we have to achieve a more complete set of experiences. The heart is a powerful muscle, and many times is in charge of the head. But the heart is easily corrupted. The quest is many times never about the found gems in some far country. It is about the ones whose choices led them there.


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Tarot card is from The Wild Unknown tarot deck. Click here to go to The Wild Unknown website. (This is not an affiliate link)









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Card of the week: Reversed 10 of Cups

10 of cups reversed

“The happiest man on earth would be able to use the Mirror of Erised like a normal mirror, that is, he would look into it and see himself exactly as he is.”

~ Albus Dumbledore * Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”


Last week we looked at the ways we need to approach ourselves and others. There is too much at stake to trivialize the truth. Much of the world around us is not in disarray, and things are not normal. We cannot make it so. But we cannot linger just on words and thoughts. There is a need to pluck out the feelings from our own pin cushions. Our feelings and our hearts are the mechanism to carry those truths that can either bond or break us.

The reversed 10 of Cups can have either too much emphasis on the picture perfect world, or too little. We cannot look at all that we want through the lens of never having enough. This is not the foundation to bring more onto our hearths. We must be happy with who we are, what we look like, or what we have. This is not an easy thing to do. Insecurity and want are inevitably human characteristics. But if we ever want to feel complete we must start where we are, and be grateful for that space.

Salvador Dali: journal practice. Give something human features. This is example is of a dresser.

However, the reversed 10 of Cups does show us how truly beautiful life can be when we seek something better. The face of our landscape does change; that view is attainable if we put the car in drive. If you come from a place of humility, realizing the name of what you want, saying it out loud can be freeing. You were meant to say those sweet syllables. You were meant to bring out that song.

The doorway to your dreams.

The reversed 10 of Cups is a very human card. The colors flow in and out, pouring only to be refilled. This what the emotional barometer is. For this week, seek gratitude first. From there, fill your chalice with an elixir made of spectrum. If you can only see the trees, you will miss the Holy Forest. You will not know the magic that comes as quickly as a Colorado storm, the dark clouds leaving as quickly as they bloomed.


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Card of the Week: Mother of Swords

mother of swords


“We dream in neurons. Form lost in forms, a blizzard of data blinds our motors.” ~ The Six- Cornered Snowflake by John Frederick


She has made a few appearances the last couple of weeks. However, when I draw in the card for the week, I keep the first one that I choose. It was chosen for a reason. In the previous week we were able to let go and walk away from painful emotions. Now, we shift ourselves in the knowledge of what is working for us.

Now, we turn our thoughts to rooting in the ideas of what we have, and how to use these tools. We have, and will need, a softness in our approach. The light in this card is the unfailing ability to cooperate with ourselves and others. She is the one that urges us to speak kindly, even when we may not want to. She is the one that can ease the individual and collective consciousness down to honest words and thoughts. We need more of her right now.

Art Against Society curated by Cali Vasaturo:

We are in a space where the light in being sentient is snuffed out by the vulgar and ugly slack of others. Almost everyone takes in the glory of the world, but many never absorb it. There are so many ways to use our thoughts and words to shape something for the better. But sometimes it feels like we use these tools to merely survive the lacking stretch of humanity. Those who know the Mother of Swords, know this is not enough. We must plan, and then act.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago some of the shadow energy of winged mother. Some of the energy is similar and worth noting. Card of the week: Reversed Mother of Swords
However, much of this shadow is external. If in the shadows, she can cause destruction and break down the foundation between us and others. She can cause the roots to die without a trace of evidence. If we breed toxicity in our minds, we will only have a toxic family. If we do not defend our lines, we will become the casualties of someone else’s mental games.

art of the psychotic brain | Sebastian Eriksson is an 18-year-old up-and-coming surrealist artist ...:

We must be first rooted in ourselves. We must take our river of doubts and insecurities and remember that they help make our own ocean. We would not know what we can fully do if we don’t acknowledge the things that may hold us back. But the Mother of Swords reminds us that firm boundaries are there to protect us. Being grounded in our honesty is hard. But there is bravery in knowing the distance between protection and tenderness.


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Card of the week: 8 of Cups

8 of cups

“Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.” ~ Sylvia Plath

One of the positive aspects from the energy of the 3 of Swords is the ability to confront the demon sitting on the precipice between the void and the light. After we have engaged and acknowledged this outline, this hyperbolic despair, we can start to understand which way he is going to lean. This allows us to see understand how tall the obstacle is, and what strength we will need to move up or away. This is the 8 of Cups.

The 8 of cups speaks to the emotional aftermath, the chronic battle between the mind and the heart. There is a change in emotions with this card. Much like the previous energies, there is something wrong that must be addressed. The 8 of Cups takes this farther. We must accept now what is no longer working or helping us. We must strengthen the persistence to find our singular equation.

This energy, on the surface, speaks to the flight instinct. It could be this impulse, which goes into the shadow sense of this card. But the energy goes much deeper than that. It is not just the need to run, and leave no trace of ourselves for the dark hunter close behind. It is the need to find closure even though the door is made of glass. We can only grow if we consciously understand what link we are breaking and why.

There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have a feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well. So I take the memories as they come, accepting them all, letting them guide me whenever I can.   ~Nicholas Sparks:

The light in this card is the unseen veil of freedom. The freedom either from, or for something else. When we remove ourselves from emotions withering down to dust, we are free to drink from a new stream, settle in a new place, and build a new hearth to house our fires. It may seem like we are lost, but we are now in a space where we can leave, and the offender cannot follow.

There may be some stigma in this. Sometimes it feels like we are destined, by ourselves or others, to trudge and pain ourselves into a certain and similar future. In this space, we must hold our hearts in a cramped space, away from the changing scenery. If we are told to walk when we have wings, we must weigh our small spirits against this.

Image result for struggle art

This balancing act can bring in the shadow 8 of Cups. One trauma or pain that is intolerable does not mean that all are. To be human we will face disappointments and struggles. We cannot turn away from them all. The 8 of cups serves as a reminder that we must not forget the battles that we have won, or have yet to conquer. We cannot run from every obstacle because we literally will have no where to go.

For this week, we have to be cognizant of the climbs we face, and the ones we don’t. We owe it to ourselves to remove situations and people that will never be on our side. But we must not trivialize the ones that are by consistent absence. Carry all the swords that you are willing to fall on, leave the ones you wouldn’t. Drink from the cups that hold your reflection, and move away from those that shatter in your hands.


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