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Card of the week: Reversed Mother of Swords

reversed mother of swords

Woooh, says the wind, and I stop /  where I am, put out my arms / and look upward, allowing / myself to disappear. It is good to be here, and not here…..”
~ Windfalls, by Jane Kenyon

Last week, we became warriors. We stretched our listening beyond the immediate pain or paintings of ourselves. We had the audacity to run our dreams further than our colors. For a week, we could have been both bigger and smaller, wiser and more naive. This aggressive shift in energy can call forth the shadows, and also the light. For this week, we can either find a nurturing energy, or a fight that can wreck us into indifference.

There is a difference between withdrawing inwards to dust off the jars of thought and reason, and becoming numb to state of our mental home. We cannot honor our warrior self, or any other version, if the safer ground we seek is further than the echoing of our mind. Sometimes we must acknowledge the shadow and storm. Sometimes, we must step inside the deluge to find the ship we are meant to captain. If you need this time and space, take it.

The Reversed Mother of Swords can be a safe retreat. She can (if in the light) speak to strong boundaries, and a brave focus on yourself. Sometimes, there needs to be healthy selfishness. This can be tricky, and this is why the shadow is never far away. But selfishness, in healthy amounts, is something we all need.

There is a cultural teaching that we must always do more, work more, produce more. If we ever wish to ground ourselves, we must know when we need to take a step back and be enough as we are. Sometimes we may go to far in either direction, but this is normal. This is human.

Image result for shadow self

If the Reversed Mother of Swords is in her shadow state, we may not know or care that we have gone to far. We may strike, then run. We may take our fight and say that defeat is inevitable, and walk away. We no longer care or find inspiration in what we used to love and cherish.  We feel left behind after we took the necessary space we needed.

There are so many ways for this energy to manifest. One constant thread is that this all stems from the mind. Be a little selfish if you need. Stop yourself from entering a race that has no finish line. Take a break, but do not lose sight. Our warrior selves are still surging. Do not forget the weight of the sword.


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Card of the week: Son of Swords


Image result for son of swords

“We gather words that shape seasons. Time-and-place, turning/ earth: Diurnal, heliotropic. Wax and wane. / Front, equinox. Constellate.” ~ Becka Mara McKay


When we have taken down morsels into the opening of our bellies we can start to move on our plans. We are able to create new intentions with strategy and purpose. The time may not be right to manifest, but the whirring mechanisms inside our minds are ablaze with new possibilities.

For this week place your priorities. Make a list, make time, make sense of them into the bigger picture of your place. Place them in your nest. The Mother from last week will help them harden. These projects or missions will quickly take shape. Soon they will be ready to leave their casings and create conquests in the world.

When you have determined what it is you want to pursue, speak to and about these thoughts. Place words in your mouth like a cube of sugar. Direct these words to action through communication, with others and yourself. Write them down, and do not judge. Be honest and honorable with others.

Image result for lady of the lake

If you are not yet sure what your thoughts are begging for, get aggressive. Be diligent about ways to find out these answers. Thoughts rarely stop, so if you hit a wall, find the weak spot and go forward with a new thought. The Son of Swords teaches us that we will continuously be bombarded with false, negative, or misleading intentions. We must combat these with clear and powerful acts of the mind.

We have to be warriors in this time. I do not mean going around and fighting with everyone. I mean warriors in the sense of searching and protecting what we value, or want to see. We have to place our thoughts, our words, and our truths up on a mantle that we have made from the bare bones of an idea. They need to be a bell that others will hear.


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Card of the week: Mother of Pentacles

mother of pentacles

“Mother, maybe you are a night house /  whose orange- yellow light can cheer; / whose blankness, chill. / I want to ring the bell / but who will I wake? Who / will appear at your door?” ~ The Living Portrait Kathryn T.S. Bass

There was a rebirth last week, a flame that lightly showed the skeleton of a dark room. That energy requires a lot of output. As we step into a place that is greater and more powerful, it can make us vulnerable and even weaker at times. It is important to remember that any output obviously needs healthy input in order to stay in equilibrium.

We cannot serve anyone if the stitches to our subconscious and unconscious fray and pull our outer layers. This is where the Mother of Pentacles comes in. She is the rhythm, the vibration, that only we can feel inside ourselves. She is the one who will tap at the window of our exterior to tell us that rain is coming, and we need to go indoors.

As we have taken on a role of soldier, either partially or completely, we need to replenish ourselves. Mediation and spiritual growth are needed, but those are not the only tools we can use to achieve a greater version of ourselves tomorrow. Our Mother of Pentacles is the tangible caregiver that we act on to provide comfort for ourselves. She is the one that makes us reach for the music, the art, the poetry, the funny movie, anything to physically bring us back from the exhausting cycle of being.

Image result for brian froud mother fairy

For me, my main healer is my morning cup of coffee. When I sit still and let the morning chill gently seize my stupor, I find a small opening of myself. This is the part of me that is nothing and everything all at once. I am not creating. I am not planning. I am not moving. I am simply drinking my coffee and letting myself be still. This is the time where I have my epiphanies, where I latch on to my fading dreams, and imagine a spectrum of possibilities.

She is also the one that brings out the need in us to take care of others. Many times the best physical healing we can do is to encourage, listen, and support other people. This card, more than most, speaks to the tangible world of connectivity. We pay ourselves a service by being the helper, not always the leader.



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Card of the week: 6 of Wands

6 of wands

“Our share of night to bear,
Our share of morning,
Our blank in bliss to fill,
Our blank in scorning.
Here a star, and there a star,
Some lose their way.
Here a mist, and there a mist
Afterwards ~ day!” Emily Dickinson II

The world did not stop for us to tune into our High Priestess last week. Many public and, I am assuming, personal entanglements could have occurred for each of us between these two Mondays. Nor will the world stop. That does not mean the energy investing into the intuition and the inner self are wasted. On the contrary, by connecting and weaving ourselves together, to be more whole, we are now more prepared for the vapors that pull up from the dark hole. By pulling ourselves out of the vacuum and cultivating our passions and intentions, we can now assess new situations with flexible, maneuvering hands.

With those tools, we can now communicate to ourselves or others how to approach our circumstances with both our head and our heart. Pragmatism and flexibility are key this week. It may be an endless list of tasks, or something larger or harder to conquer. Whatever that beast is, for this week we need to move and adapt.

It may seem like there is so much to get upset by. Strike that. There IS so much to get upset or enraged at. For this week focus on passions, causes, personal growth, anything that you hold tenderly in a well- lit window of your making. Take that small flame and find another. Give it life. Burn it hotter, bigger, and brighter. It does not have to be some large-scale global cause. It can be a small as choosing new words towards someone else. It could seem as insignificant as a meal, or anything that satisfies you. Find a new way to solve an old problem.

Evolution takes time. But what about the daily evolving we can blossom from a conversation, a song, a break from a buzzing society that never has its fill? I think the 6 of wands speaks to that evolution. For this week, we should try to twist ourselves out of the debris, public or personal. How can we each actively listen and pursue our way into a freer space.

This could include anything that helps you. I find my best tool is journaling. In my journals I can erase and redo myself over and over again. I can have conversations (both with real and fictitious figures) I would never have in my public life. I still say what I mean when I do finally have some of those conversations, but I can say it without pride, doubt, or illusions in my way.

Any way to move in sync with the waves that hold you is moving forward. If there is an obstacle, now is the moment to push through it. As I said before, the world did not stop for those of us who feel the vibrations and pings more deeply. That does not mean we can’t catch up and shake the cage to let the leopard of intent free.


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Card of the Week: Reversed Ace of Swords

reversed ace of swords

“The abyss doesn’t divide us. / The abyss surrounds us.” ~ Wislawa Szymborska


Last week there was ambiguity, doubt, and a simplistic singularity in our focus.  This energy was reserved and drawn inward.  Now the energy moves, perhaps violently, towards complications. Those doubts and insecurities are met with confusion, aggression, and even more uncertainty. The reversed Ace of Swords speaks to our unchecked momentum caused by defense mechanisms, and attempts to try and right the wrongs.

Deeper concerns, or unhealed pains, can fester like a splinter begging to rise above the skin.  If we do not carefully pluck those thoughts that can infect us, there will be a larger wound to clean. In the immediate, this is the card that forces us to at least check in with ourselves. If we keep moving, but haven’t realized that all we are making is right turns, now we have to back track.

Instead of retracing the steps that have already been made, it is more effective to re-draw our lines mentally. This is not easy. Right now, there is so much going on personally and publicly that it can be easy to put ourselves in auto-pilot. But our brains are still taking in and distributing out our reactions and intentions. If these are not understood, there can be unreasonable expectations and anger towards our surroundings and others.

The reversed Ace of Swords speaks to our shadow selves. The dense underbelly of our existence is where the havoc of our own individual conditions dwell. The memories we try to forget, the outlines of the demons that shift, and the cavernous voice of our ego are all in this space. We cannot run from ourselves. An ego cannot be checked with more pride.

This in the internal landfill, and more trash thrown away will not clear our minds because there is no away. It goes somewhere. If that space is back into the subconscious, or outwards towards others, it can still take shape and weaken our stance. For this week fight dominance and excess with innovative energy. Take the sheet of your own darkness and face it against the draft.


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Card of the week: Reversed 2 of Wands

Reversed 2 of wands.jpg

I am so sorry that this post is coming to you late. I had a lot to finish up last night with another project and I crashed hard. But we return to the 2 of wands, now reversed. Some of that energy has resurfaced in our little nests. In fact, some of this momentum is, in some ways, similar to the card from the previous week, the Daughter of Swords. That card drew on our immature, inexperienced, but honest impulses and possibilities. This card also pulls at our ripening chances.

There could be some lingering doubts or reservations towards what we are drawn to, and how it could manifest. When this card was upright there was intrigue and stamina. There was a culmination in ourselves of all that we can make happen. Use this card, in this position to be mindful. Do not put your vision into one target. Open your eyes to both good and bad happenings, even if you are unsure of your next move.

Being unsure can bring more negativity, or, if you are like me, anxiety. This is how I tend to handle my insecurities. I get anxious, even though I know by now that this does nothing for me. But I withdraw deep down inside of myself, and I do not see or seize opportunities. I block out as many external factors as I can. That is now a new priority for me, to find a way to move through unknown or hard situations with priority and purpose.

For this week, find what grounds you. There may be a lot of ups, downs, or surprises. There may be unknown spaces that could be yours, if you find the strength to claim them. Hold yourself like a storm. Grow out of your space. You were meant for more than one small corner in this world.


Some further tips:

  • Some good stones to work with either on an altar, in a pocket, or worn are citrine and fluorite.
  • Almond, and pennyroyal can help encourage stamina and energy. Any citrus scent is also a good choice
  • alligator-1024 The alligator and crocodile are a good spirit animal for this week. These prehistoric beauties are the poster child for resilience. They are strong on land, and in water. They are an unbreakable force that keeps moving.


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Card of the week: Daughter of Swords

daughter of swords

“I want a net made of iron to hold /  what I am. I love artifice.” ~ Linda Gregg Aphrodite and the Nature of Art

She is an overwhelming breath of opposites. The daughter of swords is agile, but insecure, strong but small, confident but inexperienced, and wise but young. She is wide open to the world, but that also makes her vulnerable. The energy for this week is similar to the reversed son of swords. It is quick to move, but slow to process. However, there is less aggression, or force with this card.

The reversed son of swords allowed all of us, man or woman, to tap into deeper masculine energy. The daughter, or known as the page in many decks, represents a call to the feminine or androgynous. Despite the potential recklessness of this card, there is still something wonderfully organic about it. This is energy that can, if channeled properly, help us go into our intuition, or our natural impulses.

For this week, the focus should be on finding balance between the naïve and learned practices of thought. In a sense, this is balancing who we are with who we maybe were at some point. When I was younger (especially in high school) my mind was everywhere, but my thoughts were strong. Stronger in some areas than I am today. I said what I thought, and never worried about consequences. I was mentally free to think anything at any time.

I still have those same freedoms; I am capable of thinking and maneuvering myself in any situation, but now I restrain myself much more. I have learned over the years that thoughts and practicalities are not the same thing. I am more mindful of my words to others, but the words I say to myself can be stifling. I talk myself out of many things because my priorities are no longer the same.

This is the balance to reach for. How can we be mentally free, but able to live within the diameter of reality. Saying whatever is on our minds is not always helpful, but how do we co-exist and communicate purely if we do not beseech our thoughts into actions. This is not easy. It never was. But finding balance here is honoring our true intentions with our words.

For this week see what thoughts stick with you. Not every thought needs or deserves an action, but our bodies have a way of subliminally telling us over and over again the things that we NEED to pay attention to. A dream journal is a helpful guide, or having a junk journal. This is a journal just for random thoughts throughout the day. In my journal, some of these thoughts have been treasures, and others were fleeting.

To me, the daughter of swords represents opening the raw viscos of thought. For this week, see what is there and if harmony can be had. These thoughts will grow and mature, and or will hold nothing and shed into dust. Listen and learn what these thoughts are, or what they could become. Be practical, but above all let your brain do its magic.

Some further tips:

Scents: Sage or Lemongrass

Stones: Labradorite

Spirit animals: Owl or Hawk


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Card of the week: 10 of cups


The 2 of wands was the first stage of manifesting discoveries, and setting foot on to our own possibilities. Even if all of those opportunities have not yet come back full circle. We are now in a rich space with the 10 of cups. I don’t mean rich as material wealth or gains. I mean richness in emotional fortune. This card brings together the parts and pieces of our macro and micro worlds that make us feel whole.

As the picture indicates, the cups keep flowing and filling each other. 10 indicates It is the same with the energy that it holds. This energy will replicate and flow into other the cups of our lives. This center centers us and brings emotional treasures. These treasures include safety and security. This is what we come running back to because it is where the good things are.

It should be mentioned that with this card, the spectrum is endless in how it will shape-shift into each person’s little cosmos. Obviously, there is no one way to be happy. Each person has to make that center for themselves, by themselves. Individually and collectively unique, we do have the presence of the 10 which brings success, a new stage, and refreshed karma.

For me, this card speaks to all that I have and am grateful for. Family, friends, my blog, my cats, nature, and all the things that make me the little weirdo that I am. In that place, where I am just me, I have all that I need.

Speaking of needs, this is the time to speak to those. This energy would not be complete if it was isolated energy. This energy includes relationships, and how they have helped get each of us to this place. This is what quiets the animosity of people and situations that can poison us. Right now, and for the rest of the week, this spirited energy hums long and loud. Chase that noise deep into the darkness, and let nothing be faster than you.

Some further tips:

Scents: Vanilla, citrus, or Jasmine

Stones: Citrine and Onyx

Animal Spirits:

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