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Card of the week: Reversed 10 of Swords

10 of swords reversed

“There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.”

~ Samwise Gamgee


I missed last week due to the holiday festivities, and I hope that you all had a good holiday. Two weeks ago we were dealing with the 7 of Cups, and the plethora of choices that bled between the external and internal orbit of our emotions. Now we are moving into the reversed 10 of Swords. In the reversed position, I usually read these cards as internal, and not yet ready or active in the physical world.

A bull lays skewered in the ground. Nine swords penetrate his flanks and back. The tenth sword has been pushed through both eyes. It also appears that there is a heavy rain, surrounding and seeping the bull into invisibility. The whole scene is violent, and quite sad. This image resonates that in the internal mental space sometimes we are the one holding the sword, ready to attack and destroy for no reason. Other times, we are the bull, a victim of a cruel game. Whether this game is perceived or real does not actually matter. If we allow ourselves to become the victim, real or imaginary, we are now part of that cruel and violent spot.

On the surface this card speaks to an abrupt finality in our mental cycles. There is pain, trauma, and past weight that bears down on us, keeping us fixed in one space. With the reversed 10 of Swords, there is a warning given that we must end our internal cycles, processes, and old focuses. If we let the ego continue to hold it’s stance in the same terrible position, we will continuously endure the same dreaded fate, and we can never transform.

Image result for ego art

In the light though, internal transformation is one of the biggest declarations of this card. We endure and carry so much mental weight and blistering judgments. However, there is room for a promise here. In our endurance, we find our strength. We become mentally unyielding, less likely to succumb or kneel. Now, we have let old parts of ourselves die, old illnesses in the ego that were crumbling into dust. This is where we internally set new boundaries, and take control of our lives. We will not be the victim, nor the jester to make the sick and twisted cheer. We are in control, and unencumbered.

On the shadow side, the pain and trauma could leave us more bitter and less willing to fight. Internally, we feel shaken, beat down, and impoverished. Because this card is reversed, this could also point to the fact than many times we bear a smile, and an empty victory in our fists, but deep down we are still the victim stuck in the deluge of our doubts. The only way that we can truly move forward, and claim a new mental space is to be open and honest. The pain may be unbearable, but we truly have nowhere to go but up.


**Thank you for reading. Please let me know how the reversed 10 of Swords has impacted you. If you would like a personal reading, please email me at**

Tarot card is from The Wild Unknown tarot deck. Click here to go The Wild Unknown website for their full collection. (This is not an affiliate link).

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Card of the week: Reversed 3 of Swords

reversed 3 of swords

“Godless, our minds / did monster us, left us bobbing as in a swamp / until we sank.” ~ Leave a Message Mary Karr

One of the harsh realities about this card, this energy, is the inevitable and profoundly simple aspect of loss. This is the human card that we all have to pull from our internal deck. It is the Ace that we do not want to conceal, but must wrench free. This is the energy that collectively we share, but can make us feel utterly alone as we brave the numerous voids. Everyone is different, and sometimes loss and pain are chosen to save our integrity. No matter how it has come, some sort of trauma has touched all of us.

This energy is complicated. It can hold the outlines of various shapes or sizes. This energy can point to single and significant blow that has left us fatigued, confused, or defensive. This nucleus of power may make us question and doubt. If this hardship is still ongoing, first address your immediate needs. If you need professional help, seek it. Resting your needs in the hands of someone qualified to help you is not, and never will be, weak.

Image result for loss art

After any immediate needs are met, make the choice to confront your pain. Find the place it resides and why. Someone, somewhere loves each and every one of us. Those who don’t will fall away. This is also the time to examine our own roles played in our courtship of our pain. This is the card that shrinks the ego, and makes us look at how we may have contributed. Guilt will dismember the psyche, while pain is bearable. If this energy tells us to take a look at our own shadows, then this is the time to be brave and honest. Many people never see the whole picture, and are left blaming an empty point where a flame once stood.

This energy could also be a trigger to some past trauma. It is normal to be triggered by harsh memories, but what to do with it once here. It cannot just leave. It has traveled from the subconscious or unconscious to be here, in usually an inopportune moment. If this is the your energy for the week. Confront it, then release it. Find any way to release those imperfect thoughts to a place of forgiveness or ambivalence.

Image result for loss art

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know how the reversed 3 of Swords manifests in your life, and what you do to combat it. If you liked what you read, and want more, hit follow. If you would like a personal tarot reading, email me at

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Card of the week: Reversed Mother of Swords

reversed mother of swords

Woooh, says the wind, and I stop /  where I am, put out my arms / and look upward, allowing / myself to disappear. It is good to be here, and not here…..”
~ Windfalls, by Jane Kenyon

Last week, we became warriors. We stretched our listening beyond the immediate pain or paintings of ourselves. We had the audacity to run our dreams further than our colors. For a week, we could have been both bigger and smaller, wiser and more naive. This aggressive shift in energy can call forth the shadows, and also the light. For this week, we can either find a nurturing energy, or a fight that can wreck us into indifference.

There is a difference between withdrawing inwards to dust off the jars of thought and reason, and becoming numb to state of our mental home. We cannot honor our warrior self, or any other version, if the safer ground we seek is further than the echoing of our mind. Sometimes we must acknowledge the shadow and storm. Sometimes, we must step inside the deluge to find the ship we are meant to captain. If you need this time and space, take it.

The Reversed Mother of Swords can be a safe retreat. She can (if in the light) speak to strong boundaries, and a brave focus on yourself. Sometimes, there needs to be healthy selfishness. This can be tricky, and this is why the shadow is never far away. But selfishness, in healthy amounts, is something we all need.

There is a cultural teaching that we must always do more, work more, produce more. If we ever wish to ground ourselves, we must know when we need to take a step back and be enough as we are. Sometimes we may go to far in either direction, but this is normal. This is human.

Image result for shadow self

If the Reversed Mother of Swords is in her shadow state, we may not know or care that we have gone to far. We may strike, then run. We may take our fight and say that defeat is inevitable, and walk away. We no longer care or find inspiration in what we used to love and cherish.  We feel left behind after we took the necessary space we needed.

There are so many ways for this energy to manifest. One constant thread is that this all stems from the mind. Be a little selfish if you need. Stop yourself from entering a race that has no finish line. Take a break, but do not lose sight. Our warrior selves are still surging. Do not forget the weight of the sword.


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Card of the Week: Reversed Ace of Swords

reversed ace of swords

“The abyss doesn’t divide us. / The abyss surrounds us.” ~ Wislawa Szymborska


Last week there was ambiguity, doubt, and a simplistic singularity in our focus.  This energy was reserved and drawn inward.  Now the energy moves, perhaps violently, towards complications. Those doubts and insecurities are met with confusion, aggression, and even more uncertainty. The reversed Ace of Swords speaks to our unchecked momentum caused by defense mechanisms, and attempts to try and right the wrongs.

Deeper concerns, or unhealed pains, can fester like a splinter begging to rise above the skin.  If we do not carefully pluck those thoughts that can infect us, there will be a larger wound to clean. In the immediate, this is the card that forces us to at least check in with ourselves. If we keep moving, but haven’t realized that all we are making is right turns, now we have to back track.

Instead of retracing the steps that have already been made, it is more effective to re-draw our lines mentally. This is not easy. Right now, there is so much going on personally and publicly that it can be easy to put ourselves in auto-pilot. But our brains are still taking in and distributing out our reactions and intentions. If these are not understood, there can be unreasonable expectations and anger towards our surroundings and others.

The reversed Ace of Swords speaks to our shadow selves. The dense underbelly of our existence is where the havoc of our own individual conditions dwell. The memories we try to forget, the outlines of the demons that shift, and the cavernous voice of our ego are all in this space. We cannot run from ourselves. An ego cannot be checked with more pride.

This in the internal landfill, and more trash thrown away will not clear our minds because there is no away. It goes somewhere. If that space is back into the subconscious, or outwards towards others, it can still take shape and weaken our stance. For this week fight dominance and excess with innovative energy. Take the sheet of your own darkness and face it against the draft.


**Thank you so much for reading. I would love to hear how you deal with the reversed Ace of Swords, or any other questions or comments. If you would like a tarot reading, please email Stay weird!**

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Card of the week: Reversed Son of Swords

reversed son of swords

Powered by intellect, but cloaked in turbulence, this week the energy is going to hit hard. This is the card that brings to surface the unbalanced, proud, and hasty aspects of our lives and of those around us. The Court cards many times can be representations of other people, and the type of relationships we have with them. For this week, ask yourself if this card represents you or someone you know.

If this card represents you, take care to find balance. Call on your center, and determine what it is you need and want for the week. This is the time to practice patience. Hasty decisions are not the best way to bring about lasting and positive change. For this week do not put your ego, your health, your money, or your relationships in jeopardy.

All of these are connected, and if one is out of balance the others also start to droop. If these, and other, aspects of our lives co-exist peacefully, our center will always be blossoming. But arrogance and instability will kill our spirit slowly. Focus on practices that will bring a sense of calm. There is so much that we could fight, argue, and lash out at. But if we do not pick our battles, or if we always react first and think second, we will always lose.

If this card or energy could be someone you know, or just met, act with caution. I do not mean run away and never look back. I mean: assess the dialog, actions, and situations around people who may exhibit this behavior. Of course all of us can be the reversed son of swords at times, but the ones who embody this lifestyle day and night are difficult to have lasting relationships with.

This card is not negative down to the bones, but the energy is intense and unleashed. It is not easy to be mindful most of the time, but this week is a good place to start. Think before saying something that could be hurtful. Think before acting if this is where your energy belongs. Think before purchasing if this is something you really want. Be mindful of and for others. Use boundaries to stop others who want to cause trouble. Speak to your truth, even if others do not like it.

This is time to find power, but not volatility. Find peace, but do not be a sign post with your message. Above all, find balance. Find what resonates between struggle and aggression, and how it can be used to build you up. Find what drives you, but do not become a hustler for it.


Some further tips:

Scents: Chamomile, Neroli, Bergamot. **With these, find any way that works with you. Essential oils are the most versatile, but candles, incense, and perfumes can help set the tone.**

Stones: Aquamarine

Animal Spirits: The Bobcat. Known for it ability to remain unseen for a lifespan, the Bobcat is the face of patience. This giant feline is also extremely powerful, and strategic.

: bobcat