Policies and Code of Ethics

My Policies and Code of Ethics are a binding system that regulate how I operate in sacred space with you, and they are non-negotiable. This binding can also help make sure that you and I are a good fit before you make a purchase with me. Please read through before making a purchase. This will lay out exactly what you can expect from me. 

  • I am not a doctor, lawyer, therapist, or financial advisor.  Please consult the properly trained and certified people for these situations.
  • I will never refuse a reading based on a client’s race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Love and equality are monumental to my beliefs, and my spirit.
  • My pronouns are she / her. Please let me know your pronouns so I can refer to you properly.
  • Tarot is a tool, not a concrete manifestation based on absolutes. My readings will invite, encourage, and open the space for you to take everything in your reading and make it work how you need. 
  • Because tarot is not a concrete manifestation, I do not perform yes or no readings. All cards in a chosen spread are an invitation, and then the yes’s and no’s are yours to make.
  • My readings and spiritual coaching services are available to anyone 18+ 
  • I am not a psychic, nor will I perform predictive readings. I read from the perspective of present moment and use the cards / coaching services to leverage for your wants and needs going forward.
  •  Out of respect for everyone’s energies, including my own, I will not perform 3rd party readings. I view these readings as obtrusive.
  • I will remain honest and clear regarding my potentials or abilities to be your best tarot reader. If I feel that I am not the best reader suited for your questions, I will refer you and offer a full refund if needed. To avoid this, please make sure the framework provided here fits your specific needs.
  • Everything shared between us is kept confidential.
  • Once you make a purchase, you will receive a Welcome Packet with all the information regarding next steps, format of your reading, scheduling options, etc. If you have questions, or do not receive your Welcome Packet after purchase, please reach out to me. Sometimes things get lost in cyberspace, and I want to make sure that you get everything you need for our time together.
  • If you haven’t purchased yet, but would like to ask a question, you can always email me at teaandtombstones@gmail.com
  • Please provide as much detail regarding your wants and needs in relation to our session. This helps me be of highest service to you.
  • All of my services hold space for the bloom and the burial, the haunted and the hallowed, the light and the dark, whatever you want to call it. This means that at times uncomfortable truths will come forward. I approach all of this gentleness, but I cannot provide a refund if we discuss something you didn’t want to hear. Please make sure you are ready for gentle honesty.
  • If you have scheduled a webchat and need to reschedule, no worries. Life happens. However, I ask that you give me 24 hours notice so the schedule change. Any schedule change that occurs in under 24 hours can be rescheduled, but it cannot be refunded.
  •  If you have not notified me of a schedule change, and on the day scheduled you have not shown within 10 minutes, I will consider this a no call / no show. These can be reschedule, but not refunded.
  • I believe that both tarot and oracle cards can provide insight into a reading. If I feel called, I will pull from an Oracle deck, unless you otherwise specify you would like to work the tarot only.
  • During a webchat session, I normally record the session for both my records and for you to have for frequent use. If you would rather have a transcript, please let me know.
  • Just as I keep everything confidential in our sessions, I ask the same of you. Sharing a review or general knowledge is fine, but taking what was said verbatim is giving my intellectual property away for free.
  • Everything I offer is serious, and of my heart and spirit, but I say for my own protection that it should be rooted in a form of entertainment. 

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