Policies and Code of Ethics

Please read through this page before booking a tarot reading with me. This page lays out the boundaries of myself and my offerings. It also will give you a better understanding of what to expect from my readings.

Tea and Tombstones Code of Ethics

My Policies and Code of Ethics are the energies that bind me to this path, and to all that I can offer you. If what you read sounds good to you, let’s work together to create magick.
  • I am not a doctor, a lawyer, or a financial planner, which means that I am not qualified to give information regarding these topics. Please consult the properly trained and certified people for these situations. If you would like a reading to tap into your energy, personal self, or spirit while going through these situations, that is something we can look into, but please recognize where your wants and needs lie. I am here as an ally, but I cannot frame my readings from the space of a licensed professional in these areas.
  • I will never refuse a reading based on a client’s race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Love and equality are monumental to my beliefs, and my spirit. I will always honor pronouns or a preferred suffix when provided.
  • Tarot is not a concrete manifestation of your life. It is a tool. Free-will and ownership are paramount to fulfill your highest and happiest life. Readings will invite, encourage, and open the space for your spiritual vibrations. However, if you are looking for “fixed” answers or concrete paths to take going forward, I respectively say that I am not the reader for you.
  • Because tarot is not a concrete manifestation, I do not perform yes or no readings. In the invitations that bloom from the tarot, there is more to discover, unravel, or tap into than a simple yes or no answer. All cards in a chosen spread are an invitation for you to go deeper, rise higher, or envision more clearly.
  • My readings are available for anyone over 18. My free monthly ezines are available for download with no age requirement, but even with parental consent, readings for a minor are not a space that I personally and respectfully wish to enter.
  • I am not a psychic, nor will I perform predictive readings. I read from the perspective of helping you tap into your power. I use the cards as a catalyst for symbolic understanding, metaphoric application, and soul integration. Out of respect for everyone’s energy, including my own, I will not perform 3rd party readings. I view these readings as obtrusive.
  • I will remain honest and clear regarding my potentials or abilities to be your best tarot reader. If I feel that I am not the best reader suited for your questions, I will refer you and offer a full refund if needed. Please make sure that you have read and considered my policies and code of ethics before purchase.
  • A tarot reading is a sacred space between the seeker and myself. For this reason, I will keep your information and reading in confidence. Nothing will be shared outside the space of our reading.
I believe that tarot creates the edge, a shoreline of autonomous invitations, a deepening of the reach into soul-understanding and spirit un-taming.
  • All readings will be completed within seven days of approval. If I do not approve a reading, it is because it goes against my reading style or Code of Ethics. I will refer you and offer a refund. Please note that date of purchase does not mean approval. After purchase, there will be a brief or detailed email exchange to make sure that all notes and key details have been discussed. After that has happened, I will send an email invoice showing you paid and including mentioned notes. This is the indication of approval, and the seven-day timeline will start then.
  • Specifics are the best way to get the most out of the tarot and of me. Please provide as much detail as you can about your situation and question. Getting down to the bare bones is the best way for you and me to maximize the value of the reading. I do have a few generic spreads that are a great option if you do not wish to go deeper at this time.
  • I do read from a place of intuition, but I do not read from a psychic perspective. This means that when I pull the cards, I am receptive to the messages that are coming in, but I am not able to perceive absolutes.
  • My goal with each reading is to help promote a wholesome perspective. I do believe in tapping into both the light and the shadow. I also hold to the belief that there are no “good” or “bad” tarot cards. The tarot can expose uncomfortable truths or insights. I do my very best to present every card as an invitation for potential, but I cannot shield the truth of the cards because of discomfort. Please, make sure you are ready and willing to hear whatever the cards have to say beforehand. I cannot offer a refund if the reading has been performed, but it did not shine the light that you wanted.
  • As of now, I do all my readings out of my home. I perform a light cleanse after each reading to clear and close the space that I have invested into you and your reading. I perform a deep cleanse on the Full Moon.
  • If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or areas you wish to discuss please email me. I would rather have a conversation upfront about what I can offer, how I can fit your needs, or more. We can certainly do this after purchase, but it does delay the time of return to you. I hope that what I have laid out is clear, but I more than happy to discuss anything further with you. Email me at teaandtombstones@gmail.com.
  • The way I price for my spreads is a little different. I don’t charge per hour (for a few reasons). Click this link here to get a detailed understanding of how and why I charge the way that I do.

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