The Wild Unknown Card Meanings

This is my list so far of my interpretations of each Wild Unknown tarot card. Please note, these are my interpretations from using and working with the cards. I hope these individual bios help in deepening your understanding of the deck, and tarot. If you would like to purchase the Wild Unknown tarot deck, click here.

**Major Arcana**

The Fool pdf      *      The Magician pdf     *     The High Priestess pdf     *  the empress pdf     *    The Emperor pdf    *     Justice pdf     *     The Tower pdf     *    The Moon pdf


Ace of Swords * 2 of swords pdf     * 3 of Swords * 5 of Swords *     7 of Swords * Father of Swords


 6 of Cups    *     9 of Cups pdf     * 10 of Cups *     Mother of Cups    *


5 of Pentacles * 7 of Pentacles * 9 of Pentacles reversed * Daughter of Pentacles


2 of Wands * 3 of Wands * Son of Wands